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May 19 2009 6:13

Second Monthly House Price Rise

Second Monthly House Price:   Local residents tell us about their neighbourhoods - read what they think and have your say about where you live. Houses prices increased for a second consecutive month in Auqust, says Halifax... more

September 20 2009 5:38

Cyprus offers safe environmentCyprus offers a safe environment: Cyprus is an excellent investment destination but it is also a very safe environment in which to live. In fact, so safe, a number of Russian businessmen leave their wives and children in Cyprus permanently… more

January 28 2010 6:35

Retirement Residences in Protaras Cyprus

Retirement Residences in Protaras Cyprus:Protaras is a popular holiday destination located on the south eastern coast of Cyprus. The island attracts 2.4 million visitors per year and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Mediterannean... more

March 28 2011 9:17
March 2 2010 3:44

Bungalows in Cyprus

Bungalows in Cyprus:  Different styles, different needs! Whether an apartment, house and lot or even bungalows we have it here in Cyprus. If you need a nice and elegant bungalow in the best location in town, you are in the right place. Here in Cyprus, we will not only help you get ... more

March 2 2010 7:05

Resale Property in Cyprus

Resale Property in Cyprus:  Aside from beautiful houses, nice apartments, and large bungalows, we, at, Justsellcyprus, also offer ReSale properties. You can check the resale properties on our site and find what satisfies your needs ... more

March 3 2010 3:16

More than just a house, its a home

More than just a House, its a Home: Ask anyone, and they will say that a house or an apartment is a must have for them. Of course, having your own house is like having a secure place in this planet. In reality though, some people think that it is hard to own a place... more

March 3 2010 3:45

Affortable Apartments in Cyprus

Affortable Apartments in Cyprus: Reality bites... Sometimes, no matter how much we want to have our own home, we do not have enoug savings and money to purchase one. But that does not mean that you have to despair or be sad. There are several ways ... more

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