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May 19 2009 6:11

Seller's Guide: Estate Agency Fees Property Investor Guide: Situated at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and lying approximately 100 miles off the southern Turkish coast, the island of Cyprus has in recent times expertly combined business with pleasure by… more

September 20 2009 6:04

How To Build a SeawallHow to Build a Seawall: Building a seawall is an expensive undertaking, with cost estimates ranging from around four-thousand to seven-thousand dollars meter. This means that most larger seawalls are funded by public finances, either by the local… more

February 25 2010 3:59

Things you have to know when buying a property

Things you have to know when buying a House:   Here are some keypointers you need to know or consider before buying a property. Since its a lifetime investment and big chuck of money is at stake, it is important to follow... more

February 25 2010 6:47

Why purchase a property in Cyprus

Why purchase a property in Cyprus?:  Location is one of the most important things in deciding to buy a certain property. One of the most sought after location in the world is Cyprus. Just a short trivia:did you know that Cyprus is the ... more

March 10 2010 10:53

Real Estate Agent in Cyprus

Real Estate Agent in Cyprus:  Buying your own home is not a joke. A lot of things must be considered. The location, quality, price and the real estate agent who will process your documents, help and guide you all the way. To sell or purchase a real estate can be a tedious and stressful process. Hiring the right real estate agent... more

March 16 2010 4:16

Things to do when moving in your new home in Cyprus

Things to do when moving to your new home in Cyprus: Whether you are moving to an apartment or a house or a loft, these are things and guidelines that you need to follow so that everything will run smoothly; planning, packing, cleaning, transport etc. It has always been fun, exciting and a memorable... more

March 17 2010 4:53

How to choose the right house to buy in Cyprus?

How to choose the right house to buy in Cyprus?: There are a lot of things you need to consider and keep in mind before you buy your own property in Cyprus. This article will help you know what are the important things to consider before you buy your onw property in Cyprus. Make a list of your needs, that is... more

March 29 2010 5:07

How to buy a property in Nicosia Cyprus

How to buy a property in Nicosia Cyprus:  When you finaly manage to have enough savings it seems that it is very easy to buy any property in Nicosia, Cyprus. But, before buying any property, it is important to keep in mind some key pointers... more

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