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In this section you will find the answers to frequently asked questions by our customers related to buying property in Greece:

1. Q : How does a foreigner get around in Greece?
    A :
Greece is a country with over 700 islands. Therefore, if you want to do serious exploring, abandon your car and catch the always dependable ferry boats and flying dolphins (hydrofoils). The ferries are almost always on schedule. If you are exploring the main land, a rental car may be the answer. Some charge per day and per kilometre! Busses can get you from point A to point B, though they are cramped. Greece has a fledgling train service that is infamous for having problems. 
If you are island hopping, it may be cheaper to rent motor bikes on each island. Rental is cheap, between 10 and 20 Euros per day. Some of the islands require you to have a scooter license though, or if you are planning to hire than 50cc power motorcycle, you need a motorcycle driver licence. If you get an "International Driver's License" you tend not to run into a problem renting mopeds or four wheelers. When you rent a moped be sure you get a helmet and wear it. The mainland is best done by rental car or bus. The trains are very bad, though they have gotten better. In the main cities trains are a great way to travel around.

2. Q : How do I get to Athens from the Airport?
The air port has moved from Gylfada to a larger site further south. The new airport is very modern, very nice and organized. Taking a taxi will cost you more money that using any of the public services provided.  The airport is about an hour into Athens. The 93 bus goes from the air port to Pireás, the main port for 3 Euros. It lets you off in the centre of the port, near the metro.  So you can either take the metro into the city (your bus ticket also is a 24 hour metro/city bus ticket) or catch a boat to whatever island you are going to. If you are staying in the Plaka you will most likely want Signtagma or Monstraki. Ask your hotel which station is closer. There may be a bus that goes directly to central Athens as well. Before you spend your first night in Athens, decided on what you are planning on doing. If you are going right to the islands, see when the boat leaves. Many of the boats leave at night and arrive on the island the next day.

3. Q : Do the properties in Greece have title deeds?
    A :
Properties have title deeds and are registered with the Registry of Mortgages where transfers of real property and mortgages are recorded. Justsellcyprus can deal with all the necessary procedures making your experience of buying your property in Greece as easy as possible.

4. Q : What are the property taxes/fees in Greece?
    A :
The Property taxes and fees payable once only for the property are as follows:
Taxes relating to the purchase

If the building permit of a property is issued after 2005 then 19% (Athens & Crete and Paros & Santorini 13% VAT is payable on the contract of sale and NO transfer fee is paid).

Transfer Fees

€1 to €15.000 7% of contract amount. 
€15.001 and over 9% of contract amount.

Other Expenses

The Purchaser will have to pay the following obligatory costs as required by Greek Law: 
Lawyer 1% of contract amount. 
Public Notary 1.5% of contract amount 
Registration Fee 0.5% of contract amount

5. Q : What are the yearly charges that I should be forced to pay in Greece?
    A :
Communal expenses depend on the project facilities and vary from apartment to private villa starting from €600 per year for a project with communal swimming pool and gardens.

6. Q : How is the medical care system in Greece?
    A :
The health services in Greece are very good with highly qualified physicians and surgeons covering every field of medicine. Residences of EU countries are eligible to receive free emergency medical care. Private medical insurance is inexpensive and readily available. A recent study by the World Health Organisation ranked the Greek health system as 14th out of 191.

7. Q : What are some Greece property price indications?
    A :
Prices in Greece start from around €90.000 depending upon your requirements. Easy terms of payments and long-term in-house finance schemes are also available from the many financial institutions in Greece.

8. Q : How can I get to Greece from another country?
    A :
Greece has several international and national airports which are hosting a large number of regular or chartered flights. Additionally the beautiful Greek islands are reached by ferries. The Airport and Ferries networks offer excellent connections with the cities and islands. Most of the islands are easily accessible by air and sea. Justsellcyprus can put you in touch with a number of overseas specialists and assist you with all formalities and customs clearance.

9. Q : Are the property prices in Greece increasing?
    A :
Greece has only recently being established as a holiday and retirement home destination therefore prices have a steady upward trend. This trend is expected to continue not only because of the increasing demand for houses but also because of the carefully controlled supply of building plots due to the Greece’s strict environmental policies.

10. Q : What is the cost of living in Greece?
     A :
Greece enjoys an enviable European standard of living and excellent quality whilst the cost of living remains low in comparison to worldwide standards.

11. Q : Can I buy a property in Greece easily or to I have to go through a lot of procedures?
      A :
Compared to most of the countries buying property in Greece is easy. If you are of Greek origin or you are an EU citizen, there are no restrictions in buying a property. A non-EU citizen is entitled to FREEHOLD property ownership provided a permit to transfer such property in their name is secured from the relevant Authorities. Foreign companies may also acquire premises for their business or for residence of their foreign employees. Justsellcyprus can help you complete the necessary procedures.

12. Q : Do you have any Greek properties that are located near the beach?
      A :
We have many developments near the beach, on the shores and further in-land. Please contact us for a list of properties available that are located near the beach.

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