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In this section you will find the answers to frequently asked questions by our customers related to buying property in Bulgaria:

1. Q : What's the weather like in Bulgaria?
    A :
Bulgaria has a continental climate, clearly distinguished for its four seasons. Summers in Bulgaria are long, hot, and dry. Winters in the interior of Bulgaria are bitterly cold with a lot of snow. July and August are really hot months in the larger cities, and a bit crowded on the black sea coast. In Autumn it is usually windy and rainy.

2.  Q : How do I get to Bulgaria?
     A :
The easiest way to reach Bulgaria is by air with direct flights from the UK and Western Europe and indirect flights from the United States and Canada. In summer there are charter flights directly to Varna and Bourgas.

3.  Q :  Do we need visa to travel to Bulgaria and how long can we stay?
     A : 
UK passport holders do not require a visa in order to visit Bulgaria for a period of 30 days. Long-term visa (D) can be obtained from the Bulgarian Consular service in London. For further information please contact the Bulgarian Embassy in London on 0207 584 9400 or check www.bulgarianembassy.org.uk. The British Embassy in Bulgaria also provides information at www.british-embassy.bg.

4.  Q : How long it will take to buy a property in Bulgaria?
     A :
It usually takes 2-4 weeks to buy a property in Bulgaria.

5. Q : What are the costs involved for driving a car in Bulgaria?
    A :
There are a couple of annual fees that you also should pay every year to drive a car in Bulgaria. Third party insurance costs about thirty Euros per year. Road tax, depending mainly on the engine power of the vehicle would cost around fifty Euros annually for a 2,0 liter engine and MOT from twelve Euros per year. Most cars in Bulgaria are equipped with LPG systems, which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than petrol.

6. Q : Can I use my telephone in Bulgaria?
    A :
Generally said, it is not worth bringing over an English stationary phone as they will not work in Bulgaria. Instead of this, remember that mobiles will work, either with a Bulgarian SIM card or using your English card if it is enough suitable.

7. Q : Why should I invest in property in Bulgaria?
    A :
Bulgaria is a quiet, and largely rural country in southeaster Europe about the size of England but with a smaller population, of only 8 million people. For years Bulgaria has been a favoured holiday destination for Eastern Europeans, but only in recent years it has opened its doors to the rest of the world. Its mountains, beaches and old-fashioned rural countrysite offer a glimpse of old Europe, a charming and affordable alternative to western Europe. 
8. Q : Is it safe to invest in Bulgaria?
    A :
Currently Bulgaria demonstrates stable and predictable macroeconomic climate showing economic growth at 5 %, annual inflation
3,9 % and strong growth figures in the tourism industry. The Bulgarian economy provides one of the best opportunities for new foreign investors.

9. Q : What are the tendencies on the Bulgarian real estate market?
    A :
Real Estate market in Bulgaria is currently rapidly expanding. Over 2 million foreigners visit the Bulgaria, especially the cities of Varna, Burgas, Bansko and the capital Sofia annually in order to purchase Bulgarian property. Buyers are mostly interested in summer villas in the outskirts of towns and new developments in the centre  of the cities. Also plots of land can be an excellent investment. Because of the significant demand, prices are rising quickly.

10. Q : What are the living costs in Bulgaria?
      A :
Living costs in Bulgaria are extremely low in comparison with other European countries! For example bread costs around 0.30 EUR, 2 pounds of chicken and pork meat can be bought for 2-3 EUR, for 1 EUR one can buy 4 beers . House insurance costs around 100-200 EUR per year depending on the type of house, the belongings and furniture inside, as well as the security conditions. For a property of price 30,000 . EUR insurance against theft, flood and fire costs about 125-140 EUR per year with an established insurance company. Gas costs are really cheap due to the fact that the gas system network is being developed in Bulgaria . Heating is really cheap as there are central heating systems in the big cities. The monthly costs for a 3-bedroom apartment around 120 EUR. In the small places people use charcoal and wood, which is even cheaper way to heat a house. Electricity, when used for cooking, light or hot water, costs about 30-50 EUR monthly. Local and national taxes for owning a property depend on the location of the property. The most expensive area is the capital city Sofia, where the annual taxes of 2 bedroom apartment are around 150 EUR per year. The rest of the country is around 80 EUR per year. The average salary in Bulgaria is 200 EUR per month.

11. Q : How can Justsellcyprus help you to buy a property in Bulgaria?
      A :
Justsellcyprus can help you find and buy the property you are looking for. Through our extensive professional services we will make the property purchase really easy for you. 

12. Q : What are the legal requirements regarding tax returns?
      A :
Every year you have to submit your annual tax return - it is the same as in the United Kingdom. Remember that our office and most of the Bulgarian real estate providers work together with confident accountants that can help you take care of with no problems.

13. Q : Can we use a credit card or travellers cheques when buying in Bulgaria?
      A :
Travelers cheques are cashed only in the big towns and they often charge high commissions on them. You can pay your real estate provider using your credit or debit card instead. Keep in mind that normal cheques take about four weeks to clear and generally they are not suitable for payments, especially for placing a deposit.

14. Q : What to take with us when arriving to Bulgaria for the first time?
      A :
Naturally, you will need your passport and probably some Euros if you want to place your deposit immediately. So, it could be extremely useful for you to keep in mind that you have the option to bring up to 4000 Euros each time in Bulgaria without you should declare it. We also recommend you to bring some casual clothing and running or hiking shoes if you search for properties in the country or near the mountains, as some of them could occur to be less accessible than others.

15. Q : What are the current prices in Bulgarian property market?
      A :
Property prices in Bulgaria constantly increase at recent days, but property still remains excellent value for the moment. Generally said, a basic rural cottage can be purchased for about 5000 British pounds, but expect to pay significantly more in you want particular new property in one of the beach resorts or cities.

16. Q: How do I search for Bulgarian property?
Customers are able to review the whole Bulgarian property market on the web. Thus, you have the opportunity to look at the huge pro perties collections on our website and when decide which properties you really like. You can then contact us by phone or send us an email with all questions you might have. Then we can set all necessary appointments for you and naturally could help you with all specific information you should know.

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